Brain Stones takes care of the development of cities and residential areas - from purchasing the land for the actual construction of houses and / or areas or landscapes in detail.


Brain Stones activities include the purchase and construction of houses either for sale or for rent.


Brain Stones motto is "for economy". No matter what we choose to plan or design is all subject to strict economic considerations. Logistics and resource savings are keywords. Although plans carried out with financial prudence and perhaps even modest, who never made compromises in terms of architectural or aesthetic qualities.


Brain Stones Development and Consultancy is a young company but has a long experience and expertise founded on solid experience and extensive knowledge employees possess.

In relation to town planning and urban structure offers Brain Stones solutions within new developments. It is functional as well as economic aspects - Brain Tone is the leader of the aesthetic and imaginative details are part of the picture.

Decision-making in business is direct and efficient, due to the unconventional organization. Few leaders delegate all tasks to handpicked architects, engineers and other experts.

The experts we work with are in one of the most recognized within the architecture, design and engineering, etc.