A holistic view of cities and their development

Brain Stones proceeded from the assumption that the consultancy and development must be based on a fundamental idea that all planning and building design in high extraction is linked to basic functions such as ensuring water supplies, fresh and clean air, disposal and recycling of waste.


Prior conditions for all planning performed by Brain Stones are sustainability, resource saving, ecology and a balanced environment, protection of nature and landscapes, and last but not least, an aesthetic standpoint.
Economic considerations are always a must.

Areas of consultancy

Cities / housing Brain Stones have the opportunity to serve as a consultant in urban planning - from regions and cities to smaller urban areas..


We provide assistance in environmental planning within the protection of water resources, recycling, ecology and general environmental protection.

Landscapes / Gardens

We cover planning of landscapes and gardens where advice ranging from planning regions (nature protection and rural areas) to neighborhoods and general gardening.


Our advice includes design for all residential areas as well as to individual houses. The advice also covers aspects such as lighting, tile or gravel paving between buildings, parks, promenades, arcades, pergolas, etc.

Our design also includes interior: choice of colors for rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, carpets and accessories.

Within design, we have also the opportunity to advise about the selection of fashionable uniforms or PROFILTØJ to larger companies. Furthermore, we have competencies within visual profiles, so that everything from the building in company cars have a red line that represents the corporate brand.